Whether it's about leadership, lifting organisational culture or helping people connect with a deeper purpose to succeed and excel, 5L Lead Coach, Lee Renata is well-known for her ability to inspire and empower groups and teams of all types.

Participants are guaranteed to love Lee's tailored message as she relates actionable principles from 'The five levels of listening' in a way that motivates change, perspective and new ideas.

Lee Renata knows the perfect way in bringing forward her leadership, business and personal life experiences that provide participant's with actionable tips that they can apply immediately.


The Five Levels of Listening  


Transform your ability to listen through 'The Five Levels of Listening' online 6 week course.Throughout the 6 weeks you will learn in depth about The Five Levels of Listening, have the opportunity to reflect on personal listening habits and also learn how to apply new listening techniques in everyday situations. The success of this course is based on your personal application of the course material and requires constant practise and evaluation.


  • Improve ability to communicate and work well with peers

  • Improve ability to be self-aware

  • Develop an understanding of personal strengths and weaknesses

  • Improve personal productivity and quality of output

  • Improve commitment to organisational values and goals




Promote higher team and individual success with our 6 week transformational programme, which includes:


  • 3 group workshops that apply ' The five levels of listening ' in a team environment.

  • 'The Five Levels of Listening' self-learning course that develops an individual's personal ability to listen and communicate.

  • Ongoing group support and coaching from 5L coach

  • A clear team and individual pathway plan for continual development after the programme.



  • Improve team and individual's ability to listen and communicate in different environments

  • Enhance an individual's contribution to a team

  • Improve team problem solving and decision making

  • Advanced learning for 'The five levels of listening' and how it applies to all aspects of participant's life.

5l Coaching

Each coaching session is personalised and tailored to help individuals become more effective contributors to your organisation. We listen and provide guidance as we discuss their needs, challenges and goals for success.

Our objective in these  coaching sessions is to help the participant to create a personal self-development plan focused on helping them to develop the right skills (such as listening), the right plan (for direction) in achieving their personal and organisational goals for success.


  • 45 minute one on one coaching session

  • $125 per session


  • 45 minute one on one coaching session (please book by contacting us directly)

  • $385 per session 

Business Meeting

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)

What is MBTI?

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator instrument is a highly versatile scientific solution that has helped millions of people around the world gain a deeper understanding of themselves and how they interact with others. The MBTI instrument is great because it provides the reliable insights that help participants to become more self-aware and maximise their performance in all aspects of their life.


Participants spend15-30 minutes completing the MBTI psychometric assessment online which will then generate a two-page outline of their personal profile. Our certified MBTI practitioners will then take the time to meet with participants in person and walk them through their results.


As they better understand their profile they will immediately recognise how they can enhance their personal capabilities and skills. This assessment is highly recommended as part of their self-development plan and progress.

MBTI Assessment Options

  1.  MBTI Assessment - Personal Assessment and Development within Organisation ($265 plus relevant disbursement costs - book by contacting us directly)

  2. MBTI Assessment - Personal Assessment and Development ($210 plus relevant disbursement costs)

Laptop Writing