What are The Five Levels of Listening?
5L full diagram.png
LEVEL 1 : Does not listen

You may have not listened to what someone has been saying to you, either from being preoccupied, not interested or felt what was being said was not important enough to make the effort.  In contrast it is also most likely on reflection that you have had situations where you have felt someone was not listening to you.

LEVEL 2 : Listens but does not hear

he second level of listening are those people who listen to what you are saying but don’t hear a thing. The person you are talking to seems engaged and appears to be listening but when you would expect he/she to respond in the conversation they talk to you on a totally different subject or about themselves. On reflection you may find yourself in this category at times.

LEVEL 3 : A Good Listener

Someone who is willing to listen to what we have to say. They might not action anything from listening but may not need to. They are present and we feel good when we are with them.

LEVEL 4 : Listens to what they are not saying

This level of listening takes into account voice tones and the use of our other senses. You will often find the opportunity to exercise this level of listening when greeting a person. You might say ‘good morning’, ‘how are you?' and the response might be the same back to you but the tone of the response can tell you a number of things.

LEVEL 5 : Someone who has understanding

The fifth level of listening is understanding. Conversations may not be part of this. This level takes some time to master and means that we have to be ‘present’ in our environment as well as in our conversations. A person does not need to tell us the whole story for us to understand what is going on. Their actions may speak louder than words and our understanding is often identified through  observations outside an immediate conversation. For example in a meeting there might be one person talking but the reactions of others give you a wider understanding of the ‘whole’ conversation.


Above all our ability to listen to our instinct is the greatest listening skill. If we can identify, listen and act upon our instincts we will achieve a level of understanding beyond any other level of listening.