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Three Essential Questions To Ask Yourself During The Covid19 Era

The effects of Covid19 have undeniably been far reaching. Many people are now having to deal with sudden changes in work and family dynamics. Adjusting to these changes can be challenging and overwhelming at times.

While coaching many people going through a variety of challenging circumstances during Covid19 lockdown these were the three key questions I asked:

The first question: What can you do right now?

This was to provide them an opportunity to take control of what seemed like an out of control situation.

I had each person identify three of their key talents and then they were to seek two other people to give three more. Once this was completed we identified key strengths that came as a result of these key talents. Each individual could then highlight these strengths in their current role, CV or future job interviews.

This process helped them with:

- Continued confidence in themselves

- Gaining a better understanding of what made them unique

- Understanding the value they could add to a current or future role

- Identifying opportunities in future job applications

The second question: What can you do to help right now?

We know that when we are in the service of others we tend to forget our problems, doubts and fears. Asking ourselves this question leads us to becoming a better person.

Encouraging people to seek opportunities to serve by offering the use of their talents for free or just having them focus on another person helped keep them away from anxiety or falling into a rut.

Small acts of kindness given freely can go a long way to keeping our mental health intact.

The third question: What knowledge do you need to gain to prepare and plan for your future?

Our world has changed, and we have some very tough times to come so looking to the future as an opportunity to prepare and to grow oneself is something each of us needs to do.

I encouraged people not to approach the future with the aim of going back to how life was before COVID-19 but to look ahead so they could adapt, recognise different opportunities and have the knowledge and understanding required to take advantage of what life could be for them as we maneuver through the next few years.

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