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Change Is An Individual Event Not A Functional Or Team Response

Updated: Aug 10, 2019

In order to manage change successfully, it is not only necessary to attend to the wider impacts of change but also the individual ones. No matter what change programme is initiated, everyone will experience and react to change differently. Change Is an Individual event not a functional or team response.

How an individual responds to change is dependent on two (2) things:

1. Where someone is at in their life and

2. Their environment through periods of change.

As a leader you can control point 2. as far as their work environment goes but you have little or no control over point 1. where someone is at currently in their life. Understanding these two aspects allows you to prepare and lead your people through change.

The following diagram illustrates the different states in their lives individuals may be in when change occurs.

Diagram : Impacts of Change. Created by Lee Renata 2015

Sphere of Self-Worth

At any given time in our lives we live within a sphere of self-worth that allows us to cope with the ups and downs of life. Some days our self-worth rises higher than our personal average and other days it falls below but overall life goes on and we are happy.

Natural Highs of Life

These are the normal highs in life that motivates us to carry on and reach our individual goals.

Pinnacle Moments

These are pinnacle moments in life that we savour and strive to retain. They are often our treasured memories.

Doubt and Fear

This area represents the ruts in our life or when events and circumstances throw us off balance and tip us over into a place that we are unfamiliar with. We start to look at ourselves and others in a negative way. The cycle of change and adjusting that we normally can cope with may seem insurmountable for a time.

Deep Valleys of Life

This area is often a long period of time and can represent depression and other forms of valleys in life that are hard to climb out of on our own.

Understanding where people are at in their lives during a change programme will allow you to fine tune your people strategies before difficult and challenging situations arise. This level of understanding can only be accomplished when a higher level of listening is applied. Listen to your people, ensure they have a voice and are heard.


Need help with your Change Programme?

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