Lee Renata

Lead Coach and Founder

Unleash your greatness and achieve success with our leading coach.

We can help you with:

  • Post COVID-19 People & Culture strategy

  • Leadership

  • Listening and communication

  • Life coaching

  • Career pathways

  • Discovering your talents

  • Developing your ideas

About Lee Renata

Lee is the founder and head coach for 5L whose specialist coaching is utilised by individuals, teams and executive groups. 

With over 20 years of experience in leading change management programmes, Lee has successfully transformed people and organisations into highly productive individuals and businesses. She has worked with senior management in telecommunications, media, postal, airline, health, housing and finance to execute major shifts in all facets of service delivery from management through to the frontline.


"If anyone is thinking about improving their environment with better communications, I'd suggest having a chat with Lee".

Josh Halligan

Principal Consultant, RWA Technology People

"I'd recommend the five levels of listening to anyone who wants to communicate better through listening!".

Francesca LEFÈBRE

Fletcher Building - Tasman Insulation