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DURATION:1HR online or in person
COST: NZD $425 per session (suitable for 5+ people)

Whether it's about leadership, lifting organisational culture or helping people connect with a deeper purpose to succeed and excel, 5L Lead Coach, Lee Renata is well-known for her ability to inspire and empower groups and teams of all types.

Participants are guaranteed to love Lee's tailored message as she relates actionable principles from 'The five levels of listening' in a way that motivates change, perspective and new ideas.

Lee Renata knows the perfect way in bringing forward her leadership, business and personal life experiences that provide participant's with actionable tips that they can apply immediately.


DURATION:1HR online or in person
COST: NZD $125 per person (suitable for 5-10 people)


Promote higher team and individual success with our 1 hour high impact team session, which includes:


  • What are The Five Levels of Listening?

  • What prevents us from listening?

  • How can we be better at listening?

  • Learn to listen as a team

  • Each individual receives a copy of 'The Five Levels of Listening' book with actionable and reflective activities to complete


  • Improve team and individual's ability to listen and communicate in different environments

  • Enhance an individual's contribution to a team

  • Improve team problem solving and decision making

  • Advanced learning for 'The five levels of listening' and how it applies to all aspects of participant's life.

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